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Forceful Web Design

RealmEleven deploys a unique and immiscible branding system that both distinguishes and separates branding from content. The effect is a combination of instant recognition and familiarity with the web page alongside a concentrated focus on the content. Retention of content read from this style of page is much higher owing to the combination of simplified graphic design and background colour separation of fixed branding/navigation regions from the central scrolling content region. This is because, attention is effectively focussed on either the content or the branding without division, based on what the visitor is most likely to look for at different stages of a visit to the web page.

The end result is that your visitors will recognise your pages at a glance, be able to readily find and identify navigational devices, and focus completely on your content without distraction from your branding when they don't need to be thinking about your branding but about the message you are trying to impart to them.

Go ahead. Contact us for a consultation. Letting us help you make your site clearer and more identifiable with our forceful web design could be the best thing you ever do for your web presence.